The divine feminine and the shadow

Divine Feminine

I am delving into the rich and deep world of the divine feminine and how she relates not only to modern society, male and female, as well as, the shadow.  The piece of us that we hide from, the pieces of ourselves we fear.  As I create more.  I will share.

To start I created a soul card for the divine feminine.  Curious to see what I create for the shadow and the divine feminine and the shadow.  hmmmm.

What does divine feminine mean to you? Represent?  What about the shadow?


The soul of a drum

Saturday I was blessed to attend a drum making class.  A beautiful experience.  I can honestly say I love my drum.  The shaman informed us that the drum will tell us his or her name.  My drum let me know her name is Luna Rose.  She looks like a Luna.  The shaman also said that our drums would travel through our life with us.  Teaching us and reflecting life lessons for us.  It hasn’t been a week and this has happened already.

Some how, I don’t know how.  Her hide warped in a couples spaces.  I thought I had followed all the rules and guidelines for the care of my drum.  I fought back the tears.  Surprised at my emotion.  I freaked.  She sounded funny.  She didn’t vibrate how she did before.  I scanned the internet and found a wonderful site that said to try heat but to be careful, too much heat could ruin her.  I sat in my bathroom with the hair dryer.  Saying prayers of love to the drum, the universe.  Again surprised at myself.

I fixed her.  I cheered!  I thank the universe, I thank her.

Reflecting I realized, I often think I know but I really don’t know. I think I am paying attention when really I am asleep at the wheel.  As well as, just taking time to heal my wounds.  To honor daily self care.

I am excited for my journey with Luna Rose.  For the healing power she offers me, my family and the people I work with.  The Native American believe that drums are extension of the heart.  I believe it!  What a powerful instrument.

After I made Luna Rose, I felt compelled to create a soul card for her.  Hides with scars are said to either survived or died from a predator attack.  I felt Luna had a mountain lion essence to her (maybe that’s why she is Luna Rose).  These hides it is also said are warrior hides.

If you ever have the opportunity to create your own drum I recommend it.  If you can attend a drum circle or experience the power of the drum I recommend it.

Do you drum? Own a drum?  Attended a drum circle?  I’d love to hear from you!


Vacation Lifestyle

San Diego, CA

Hello wordpress!  I have missed you!  I am back from vacation.  Hoping to post Vegas pictures later today.  I am back at work, with dread and woe.  My vacation has caused me to realize that I desire that sort of lifestyle.  Not the Vegas life but the vacation life.  Waking up when I want.  Going to bed when I want.  Spending my day doing what I want.  Not feeling forced or dread to do things. I want that excitement of looking forward to the adventure that each day brings.  Days spent with people, lost in meaningful conversations, doing deep and meaningful work.  Helping people move the mountains in their lives.  Days lost in writing and creativity.  Leisure walks in nature.  Enjoying each and every moment.  Being in the now.  Why is it so easy to be in the now on vacation and not at home?  It is possible.  People are living their dreams, living in the now, all around the world.  I want this!  I can see these days in my future.  It’s time.  I am on the edge.  I can have the vacation dream life that I so desire and long for.  It’s right there!


The short love story

Writing day 17- write a love story in 5-6 sentences


Sun shines bright almost blinding. Dew kissing each blade of grass, each petal. Awakening to the morning. Petals open to great the sun. Dancing together each day until the moon comes and the sun goes away.



This week’s photo challenge is Symmetry, check more out here!


Happy Now

Poem 3 of 3,  Poem 1 is Once and Forever in my mind and poem 2 is Haunted by you


I’m happy now
With someone who loves me
Adores me
Not that you didn’t
Dysfunction was our game
I’m with somebody
He treats me right
Loves me for me, all of me
He doesn’t feed my disease
It’s not your fault
We were both sick
Searching to be rescued
Finding comfort in broken pieces
And yet
You creep into my mind
Play with my fantasies
Make me miss you
I’m happy now
Yet I long for you
I’m happy now
And yet I miss you
Unspoken bond
Knowing without words
Chaotic passion
You broke me
Destroyed me
I loved you
And yet I still do


Haunted by You

Don’t know if it’s because it’s Friday the 13th or tomorrow if Valentine’s day.  Maybe it’s just the mood.  Here’s 2 of 3, one being Once and Forever in My Mind


I am haunted by you
The memories of us
The tightness is which you held me
As if letting go
You’d fall away
Be lost
The feeling of you
Knowing you
Inside each other
Words were unnecessary
Lifetimes of practice
And yet we got it wrong
Feel apart
Drowned each other
The end never coming
Even after all these years
I still feel you
Your embrace
never letting go
After all these years
not talking
I still know you
And will forever, with my soul love you


Black Out Poetry Invisible Monsters

Writing prompt: black out poetry- write with only the words on the page of a book
Invisible monsters- Chuck Palanhuik

I was going to rearrange the words but I liked how it turned out so I left it.  Enjoy

The Wall
The wedding reception
And stuffed mushrooms
Alive and dead
Shoot gunned
Bleeding to death
Barbie doll
Burning book
Queen supreme
Virus of the moment
Dirty face
Lab animal
Win win situation
Crystal stars
Sacred and immoral
I started the fire
Oxidation of Joan of arc
Love somebody
Pool of blood
Nice day
Fresh cut lawn



This weeks photo challenge is scale, love what people have come up with!