Home of my Shadow


I have wrestled with this blog.  Her purpose.  For you see it has changed.  It started as a venue for me to stretch and grow as a writer, which she still is.  However, I realize this blog is the home of my shadow.

Here dwells my darkness.  My fears.  Insecurities.  The things I hid under the floor board or tuck away in the closet.

Here my demons are allowed to run free.  To create chaos.  To be seen and heard.

Here lives my shadow, free to express it’s self.  To be part of me.

Here I am whole.


Off the ledge

cemetery play

Sitting at work

lost inspiration

thinking of everything else

things I want to be doing

things I could be doing

my to do list

of things not related to work

My soul aches

for untapped


unrealized dreams

I realize that what I must release


let go of

is the idea of stability

playing it safe

I step into trust

into the cradle of the universe

it’s time to fly

to soar

to fulfill my soul’s purpose

Here’s to stepping off the ledge

Grand canon