Today is the first day, another beginning.  Another way we (I) find myself committing to a list of to do’s, goals, aspirations and intentions.  And sometime along the way, I get lost.  I forget.  Get to busy living life.  Yet, I am not really living am I.  I get too busy going through the motions and forget everything I mapped to accomplish.  I want to say this year is different.  That I have a system in place.  That feels clique. Old.  Warn out.  As if I have heard it before.  Because I have.  That is not going to stop me.  I am committing.  Committing to writing.  To creating.  To making a difference.  One day at a time.  One step at time.  Here’s to new starts.  Here’s to hope!

What will you commit to doing this year?


Chasing Dreams


When chasing dreams

we have many

people who challenge us


CHEER for us

on our way…………………………………….

Those who remind us

that our DREAM is worth PURSUING no matter what

that the dream is ALIVE and of course

you don’t know until you TRY

and give it


(exhausted, tired, hopeless, frustrated, terror seep into your mind, trying to steer)

Those who point out

the FLAWS that hold us in place

that STOP us on our path

point out the ObStAcLeS

and how HARD and DIFFICULT it’s going to be

We know this, we are there.  Fighting those thoughts

that keep

creeping in

Then there are those who


for they believe in us

they support us


Then there are those who

trick us

make us question the dream

it’s validity

it’s potential

and encourage us to take the safer road

I give thanks to all who have come with me on my path, as I stepped into uncertainty and question myself.  Thank you for seeing and believing in the dream, and for those who didn’t thank you for not believing.  To the believers, thank you for believing in me and reminding me that ANYTHING and EVERYTHING is POSSIBLE.  And a dream worth dreaming is a dream worth fighting for!

dream catcher


Vacation Lifestyle

San Diego, CA

Hello wordpress!  I have missed you!  I am back from vacation.  Hoping to post Vegas pictures later today.  I am back at work, with dread and woe.  My vacation has caused me to realize that I desire that sort of lifestyle.  Not the Vegas life but the vacation life.  Waking up when I want.  Going to bed when I want.  Spending my day doing what I want.  Not feeling forced or dread to do things. I want that excitement of looking forward to the adventure that each day brings.  Days spent with people, lost in meaningful conversations, doing deep and meaningful work.  Helping people move the mountains in their lives.  Days lost in writing and creativity.  Leisure walks in nature.  Enjoying each and every moment.  Being in the now.  Why is it so easy to be in the now on vacation and not at home?  It is possible.  People are living their dreams, living in the now, all around the world.  I want this!  I can see these days in my future.  It’s time.  I am on the edge.  I can have the vacation dream life that I so desire and long for.  It’s right there!

Plan B

Tardis journal

I have blogged a couple times about my plan B.  Since it’s the beginning of the New Year, it’s time to start sending the energies to bring it to fruition.  So, here it is, my plan B!

1. Publish two books.  I have written a horror novel, Rejected Revenge, it’s being beta read now.  Can’t wait to finish editing and find a publisher.  I am also going to gather up my poems and put them into a book.

2. Write another book.  I am working on a couple ideas but it time to buckle down on one and get it written.

3. Have a successful and thriving therapy practice.  I’d be happy with 15 clients a week.

4. Finally quit my day job.

5. Read.  I have a long list.  Aiming for a book a month.

6. Make stuff.  I am always pinning cool projects on pinterest, time to make some of them.

7. Take classes.  I love art.  I am aiming to start with poetry and then expand.

8. Have fun and be in the moment, with friends, family and everyone who enters my life!

Why the tardis?  It seems to be a metaphor for 2015.  It’s a journal and it’s the tardis.  It’s about expanding, growing, reaching beyond myself to grow and help others grow and heal.  Plus my favorite quote is from Doctor 11, “I am and always will be the optimist, the hoper of far flung hopes and the dreamer of impossible dreams.”  Think this a great quote to guide the year.

What’s your plan for 2015?

2015’s Word


Words can be very powerful.  Words can destroy and inspire us.  What better way to keep myself motivated for 2015 than to pick a word to describe what I want to achieve for the year.

As many of you know, 2015 is the year of the Plan B.  I’ve got work to do this year and a lot if it.

The word that stood out to me was ABUNDANCE!  At first I thought, do I dare be so bold as to choose this word.  This mighty and powerful word.  I do!  This word stands for the flow of creative I aim for.  The flow of clients through my office doors.  Friends and family.  When I am abundant, you are abundant!

What is your word for 2015?

Can you feel it?

2015 has a buzz to it.  An electricity!  I am pumped!  Excited!  Ready to jump into 2015 guns a blazing!  2015 has this freshness to it.  It feels vibrant, full of possibilities!

I love when I can feel, sense, merge with the essences of something.  It makes it more tangible.  Especially as I learn more about the ebb and flow of the workings of the universe.  Juicy stuff!

What are hoping to manifest, create and bring to fruition in 2015?

Year of the Plan B- The Doctor Approves

Tardis journal

As some of you know, 2015 is the Year of the Plan B, where I take my dreams and make them reality.  Yesterday, I received a sign that I am indeed on the right path.

My awesome sister, gave me a Doctor Who journal for Christmas.  Inside was a note that said, “Time travel isn’t just science fiction sweetie.  The universe is waiting for you to explore it.”

Look out 2015, here I come!

What do you want to accomplish in 2015?