Drawing in the new year


I decided to start drawing again. To let my creativity flow in other ways.  Using the book “you can draw in 30 days.” I’d say not to bad for not drawing in forever. 

Funny how old past times fade away, becoming a distant memory. 
Re kindled by a new flame
Sadly snuffed out by fear
A notion that it can never be brought back
It’s time
Stop hiding
And start tending to the fires within.


Vacation Lifestyle

San Diego, CA

Hello wordpress!  I have missed you!  I am back from vacation.  Hoping to post Vegas pictures later today.  I am back at work, with dread and woe.  My vacation has caused me to realize that I desire that sort of lifestyle.  Not the Vegas life but the vacation life.  Waking up when I want.  Going to bed when I want.  Spending my day doing what I want.  Not feeling forced or dread to do things. I want that excitement of looking forward to the adventure that each day brings.  Days spent with people, lost in meaningful conversations, doing deep and meaningful work.  Helping people move the mountains in their lives.  Days lost in writing and creativity.  Leisure walks in nature.  Enjoying each and every moment.  Being in the now.  Why is it so easy to be in the now on vacation and not at home?  It is possible.  People are living their dreams, living in the now, all around the world.  I want this!  I can see these days in my future.  It’s time.  I am on the edge.  I can have the vacation dream life that I so desire and long for.  It’s right there!