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Zombie Christmas- Your voice will find you

It started with a cough. That cough, that person that ruined my life. Well, everyone’s life. Who knows where patient zero originated. There will be no more long conversations on the night drives to enjoy other’s holiday decorations. I will miss those most of all. No more hours spent decorating. Digging through boxes that have slept in the garage until December. We will still reminisce but it won’t be the same. We won’t be laughing over stories told while hanging Christmas decorations. Now we tell stories of survival and near misses. We don’t laugh much now. We won’t be sipping eggnog with nutmeg. We are lucky if we can find water. The smell of pumpkin won’t permeate the air. No, now it is the stench of the undead. We won’t hang the lights and decorate the tree. Family fun will no longer be centered around the festivities of the holidays. No instead we bond over each escape from the horde of crazed undead who think we are dinner.