Drawing in the new year


I decided to start drawing again. To let my creativity flow in other ways.  Using the book “you can draw in 30 days.” I’d say not to bad for not drawing in forever. 

Funny how old past times fade away, becoming a distant memory. 
Re kindled by a new flame
Sadly snuffed out by fear
A notion that it can never be brought back
It’s time
Stop hiding
And start tending to the fires within.



I have always loved taking pictures of doors.  Doors are symbolic and hold so much character and personality.  So I was super excited to participate in this week’s challenge.  Click here to check out more fabulous doors.

One to Two

Today’s daily prompt proved to be a challenge.  To see how others fared, check out the Daily Prompt One at A Time

broke heart

A boy

met a girl

gave her his heart

but she was broke

she tore it

cut it

bit it

his heart

her heart

he was still

he would wait

til she saw

two broke hearts

mend to one

one to two