My Soundtrack Part One

Today’s daily prompt: Cue the Violins

My life is ever changing.  Ever flowing.  My soundtrack reflects the dynamic ebb and flow of life and my taste in music.  That’s why it’s part one, who knows, in week, month, year what songs belong on the soundtrack of me and my life.

I have started with 3 all time favorite songs that I can relate to, speak of my life and me.  Enjoy!

1. Hurt- Johnny Cash version

2. Fire starter- Prodigy

3. Sloppy Seconds- Watsky


Music Monday Lana Del Ray

Sleeping Beauty was my favorite as a child.  I always felt sorry for Maleficent.  If they had only invited her to the party, they would have saved themselves from heartache.  I guess as I child I identified with Aurora (sleeping beauty) and Maleficent.  The good and bad in all of us.

I loved this song as a child.  Aurora dancing in the forest.  I love Lana Del Ray’s version.  Her voice is haunting and memorizing.


Who was your favorite villain as a child?


Pet Cemetery

Hurray for music Monday!  What better than music to ease us back into the treachery of work and the madness of life.  Going with theme of Halloween for October.  This morning’s video is from one the best punk bands ever, The Ramones and from one of the classic Stephen King horror films Pet Cemetery.

Happy Monday!


Were Comin to Kill Ya- Dead and Breaksfast

The video really doesn’t do the movie Dead and Breakfast justice (WARNING- Graphic content if you click the link).  Anyways, enjoy the song,it’s funny.  What better way to start a Monday than with a funny song.  If you have time check out the movie, it’s a great cheesy indie horror film.