Fallen- The Creation of monsters

Our stories
Vampires, zombies, the bogyman
We created the demons who stalk us
They live and breed
Through our imaginations
Their forms unlimited
As long as we feed the nightmares
Keep creating monsters
They keep coming


Fallen- Dripping Revenge

This is another except from the book of prose I am working on about Angels and Demons seeking revenge on the human race.

Drip drip drip drip
Each drop of blood falls into the puddles below
Drip drip drip drip
He wipes the blood on his sleeve
“This will never happen again,” he thinks to himself
“I will never put myself in this place again!”
He can feel the rage welling up inside of him
It starts out low and quiet, with a rumble
And then it grows, like a wildfire
It burns, it blazes
He wants revenge
He wants it now