Witness protection

As the nerves slowly take over and I can no longer function

I concentrate to keep my body from revolting

It takes everything not to scream and run for the door

My mind begins to wander with a million what if disaster scenarios

And I am brought back to myself

my fears washed away when my eyes meet those familiar eyes

I am blessed with the all reassuring smile

that confirms everything will be okay

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I can’t stand me


I can’t me…..

when my ego runs wild, doing it’s best to convince me of all the ways I am broken, lost, damage, no good, not worthy.  Feeding my fears, insecurity by insecurity.  Unrelentless judgment (of everyone and everything) Ridicule.  Shame and guilt.  She’s can be cruel and heartless.  The constant reminders of all the reasons why I must do and be and on and on she goes…

That’s when I can’t stand me.

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Reason to believe



She exists.  Even if she is a faint memory.  She is always there.  Watching.  Waiting.  Wishing.  She is the angel you forget about.  The angel you cling to.  Because at the end of everyday, there are those who love unconditionally.  Those who make the world a better place.  And then there are those who eagerly await your return.  All because of love.  She is there.  She is always there.  Sometimes, you just have to look.

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Ode to my couches

Thank you for your



My deepest apologies

for the




You have


friends, family, children,dogs and cats

to come and sit

some dirty

some clean

and yes, some smelly

You have allowed us to









and play

You are much needed

and loved


taken for granted

Please know,

We do love and appreciate you

Oh beautiful couches

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Inside Out



Everyday illusions

mirrors mmic

torment thoughts

fragmented feelings

enduring experiences

undefined and uncertain

clutched by cohorts

cherished clan

reality and imagination

collide and explode


forced outward

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My Soundtrack Part One

Today’s daily prompt: Cue the Violins

My life is ever changing.  Ever flowing.  My soundtrack reflects the dynamic ebb and flow of life and my taste in music.  That’s why it’s part one, who knows, in week, month, year what songs belong on the soundtrack of me and my life.

I have started with 3 all time favorite songs that I can relate to, speak of my life and me.  Enjoy!

1. Hurt- Johnny Cash version

2. Fire starter- Prodigy

3. Sloppy Seconds- Watsky