Reason to believe



She exists.  Even if she is a faint memory.  She is always there.  Watching.  Waiting.  Wishing.  She is the angel you forget about.  The angel you cling to.  Because at the end of everyday, there are those who love unconditionally.  Those who make the world a better place.  And then there are those who eagerly await your return.  All because of love.  She is there.  She is always there.  Sometimes, you just have to look.

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In the hurried frazzledness of life

The constant state of motion

Never stopping

Always going

I miss the sunrise

The sunset

The sun and wind against my skin

I am caught in the trap of living

Forgetting that I am in fact alive

Always moving

Always running

Afraid to stop

Afraid to feel

There is safety in movement

It’s time to be still

And to be again


Drawing in the new year


I decided to start drawing again. To let my creativity flow in other ways.  Using the book “you can draw in 30 days.” I’d say not to bad for not drawing in forever. 

Funny how old past times fade away, becoming a distant memory. 
Re kindled by a new flame
Sadly snuffed out by fear
A notion that it can never be brought back
It’s time
Stop hiding
And start tending to the fires within.


The divine feminine and the shadow

Divine Feminine

I am delving into the rich and deep world of the divine feminine and how she relates not only to modern society, male and female, as well as, the shadow.  The piece of us that we hide from, the pieces of ourselves we fear.  As I create more.  I will share.

To start I created a soul card for the divine feminine.  Curious to see what I create for the shadow and the divine feminine and the shadow.  hmmmm.

What does divine feminine mean to you? Represent?  What about the shadow?