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I think it’s time to change my tagline.  When I started blogging I had visions of being a sci fi, horror and fantasy writer.  I still do.  Reality check.  I write from the heart.  What I feel and where my imagination takes me.  Yes, sometimes it is dark and scary in my mind.  My fantasy, the horrors I can dream up.  However, I also write about life and experience.  It’s time to retire my tagline.  Thank you tagline you have served me well.  Here’s to the future and new tagline!  RIP- Mistress of the Macabre, Siren of Sci Fi and Femme Fatale of Fantasy.

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2 comments on “tagline

  1. I always say ‘everything changes, nothing stays the same’ … I guess Darwin would agree with that in an evolutionary sense. I like your tagline but if you don’t feel comfortable with it any more it is time to find another and rest it. I look forward to the discovery of your new strapline when you have it sussed 🙂

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