Chasing Dreams


When chasing dreams

we have many

people who challenge us


CHEER for us

on our way…………………………………….

Those who remind us

that our DREAM is worth PURSUING no matter what

that the dream is ALIVE and of course

you don’t know until you TRY

and give it


(exhausted, tired, hopeless, frustrated, terror seep into your mind, trying to steer)

Those who point out

the FLAWS that hold us in place

that STOP us on our path

point out the ObStAcLeS

and how HARD and DIFFICULT it’s going to be

We know this, we are there.  Fighting those thoughts

that keep

creeping in

Then there are those who


for they believe in us

they support us


Then there are those who

trick us

make us question the dream

it’s validity

it’s potential

and encourage us to take the safer road

I give thanks to all who have come with me on my path, as I stepped into uncertainty and question myself.  Thank you for seeing and believing in the dream, and for those who didn’t thank you for not believing.  To the believers, thank you for believing in me and reminding me that ANYTHING and EVERYTHING is POSSIBLE.  And a dream worth dreaming is a dream worth fighting for!

dream catcher


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