Dear staff (the ones who always call off)

Hello my supervisees, my staff, the people I am blessed with working with daily (for the next two and half weeks),

I wanted to thank you for again calling off work today.  As you do so often.  Not caring about your co-workers.  Calling off for things that really don’t need to be called off for.  A doctor’s appointment.  Last I knew they were open after work, you do only work until 3, right?  You could leave early or come in late.  Whatever.  Calling off because your car battery is dead. Heard of the bus?  Uber? Lyft?  No, I get it, you really don’t want to be here.  So you call off, with an excuse.  You can argue and say it’s not an excuse but it is. I’ve been there.  Hell, I’m there now.  Difference is, I care about how my actions affect you and the people around me.  I have come to realize that you do not.  It makes me sad.  But it’s the truth.  You are stuck in your own world, blind to the worlds around you.  That’s okay, it’s your life.  I need to stop taking everything personally.

I thank you for the eye opening realization.  That quitting this job is what is best for me.  I am moving on to a be a therapist. To work with people, who want to be seen, heard, who need a container.  Who want to heal and grow.  I am sure on some levels you want this too, I hope that you do.  See, I struggled this morning as I got your texts.  I am moving on to be a therapist, yet I am angry.  I am mad at the inconvenience you have thrusted onto me and your co worker.  I am angry that after talk after talk you continue to make the same mistakes.  I am angry that you are still swallowed by your own circumstances. And there is the difference, right now in your life, you do not seek to grow, to heal, to change.  Right now you are stuck in you, your life, running in motion.  Right now, you are happy here.  That is perfect for you.  We are on different paths.  I realize it’s okay to be angry.  Anger moves us, sometimes for the best and sometime for the worse.  Anger is a messenger.  And today Anger reminded me that I am indeed on the right path.

I wish you the best, I really do!

Love, your soon to be ex boss


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