The divine feminine and the shadow

Divine Feminine

I am delving into the rich and deep world of the divine feminine and how she relates not only to modern society, male and female, as well as, the shadow.  The piece of us that we hide from, the pieces of ourselves we fear.  As I create more.  I will share.

To start I created a soul card for the divine feminine.  Curious to see what I create for the shadow and the divine feminine and the shadow.  hmmmm.

What does divine feminine mean to you? Represent?  What about the shadow?

2 comments on “The divine feminine and the shadow

  1. For me the divine feminine represents nurturing, love, caring, understanding, compassion, insight, intuition, creativity, forgiveness, healing, wisdom. She exists universally within us all … men and women have the ability to tune into the divine feminine in themselves. My personal shadow is a fear of revealing my true self. I find it easier to live through a persona, or many personas than to allow people to know the real me and possibly be hurt by them.

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