Off the ledge

cemetery play

Sitting at work

lost inspiration

thinking of everything else

things I want to be doing

things I could be doing

my to do list

of things not related to work

My soul aches

for untapped


unrealized dreams

I realize that what I must release


let go of

is the idea of stability

playing it safe

I step into trust

into the cradle of the universe

it’s time to fly

to soar

to fulfill my soul’s purpose

Here’s to stepping off the ledge

Grand canon


5 comments on “Off the ledge

  1. Good luck with the jump! Just realize that if you don’t soar, you’re not a splattered corpse. You can still climb back up the mountain and jump again! I suppose falling isn’t so horrific when you think of it that way. The “geronimoooo!!!” is pretty funny, actually.

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