Therapy Thursday- A Ritual for Fear

I can’t believe I forgot to add this last week.  It is a beautiful way to help you release and work through fear.  You might have to do it a few times.  Sometimes fear needs a bit more acknowledgment.  You can do this ritual before or after working through the steps to release fear.

Sit down someplace quiet where you won’t be disturbed.

Get some paper, markers, crayons, pens, etc.

Light a candle, play some music if you want.

Start writing everything you are afraid of.  And I mean everything.  If you think you’ve got it all.  Keep going.  Don’t stop.  Let it all out.  Everything you are afraid of, people think you have ugly toes, people laugh at you, you are no good, bad hair days, death, accidents.  When I say everything.  I mean everything.  Nothing is trivial here.  It’s all important.  Keep going.  If you stop.  Take a minute and then go again.  Until you finally feel emptier and lighter.  If you don’t feel this, it’s okay.

If you feel like it, cross things out, scribble things out.  Feel the energy of release.

Now rip up your paper with intention.  You are no longer fear’s prisoner.  Rip that paper up with purpose.

Go to your fireplace, BBQ, a fire proof bowl.  You are going to light the paper on fire.  If it feels right, say, “I am of this no more.”  or “I release you.”  “You no longer have power over me.”  Say whatever feels right to release the fear.  If nothing comes.  Then just let the paper burn.

If you can gather your ashes, do so.  Please don’t burn yourself, wait til they are cool.  Spread the ashes in nature.

Have you done something like this?  Did it work?  I would love to hear if you have tried this or if you do this what your experience is.

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