I am a Superhero

Write yourself alive prompt:  A day in life of you and you are a superhero.

I am a superhero. No, really I am. I look like everyone else. But I am special. We are all special, however, I am just a bit more special. I am like Selina Kyle and Jean Grey, with a touch of Adalind Shade. What? You don’t read comics or watch Grimm? Never heard of Batman or X Men. Don’t blame you, not a bat fan either. But come on the X Men? Okay, okay. Let me break it down for you. It goes like this. I care about the less fortunate. I am modern day Robin Hood. However, I also like pretty shiny things. The more sparkle the better. Can you blame me? I am also quiet and unassuming. Slinking around unnoticed, unless I want something, then I can be sweet and loving. Like your cat, meow. Anyways, I can also manipulate objects and people with my mind. Okay, I can move objects with my mind and read people’s minds. Pretty cool, huh? It comes in handy and helps in my line of work, being a superhero and all. I am also pretty goddamn strong, even though I don’t look like it. I wouldn’t mess with me, you know the old saying, “dynamite comes in small packages.” Oh, yeah, the questions. Silly me, now. What does a typical day look like for me? Just the usually stuff helping people solve their problems and better themselves. Making sure the bad guys don’t win. Typical superhero type stuff. My cover? Well me. No one knows my secret, except you now. But it’s all good. I trust you. Maybe. My kryptonite? Now, why would I tell you that? You’ve got to be kiddy, right? Tell you and you could be my down fall. I think if you read between the lines you can figure it out. But you’ll have to find me first to use it against me and why would you? I’m on your side. Fighting the good fight. Anyways, I have people save. Take care lovelies.

Now, what’s your super power?


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