Moments with You

Day 16 of Write Yourself Alive: Something I enjoy doing outside of writing.
I live for these moments, I really truly do. Except that I have taken at least half of them and most likely closer to 80% of them for granted. I get too caught up in my mind, what I have to do, what needs to be done, why did I do that or not do that. The future and past keep me occupied. Keep me away from you and you are what I cherish. But in those moments. When I stop the never ending stream of thoughts. When I stop and breath in the moment. When I allow myself to be. These are the moments that I long for. The moments that stay with me, keep me going and make me who I am. Funny how in these moments, nothing matters but the moment. I couldn’t tell you that the smell was always the same. Because it’s not. Sometimes it is stall and old, like an old bar. Other times like fresh cut flowers. Each moment has its underlying current of excitement, anger and yes, at times boredom. The only thing that each of these moments has in common is us. Those moments when we are truly in sync. Harmony.


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