Cinderella’s revenge

Yesterday’s prompt for Write yourself alive was to rewrite the ending to a favorite book or movie.  The first thing that came to mind was Cinderella, not the Brother’s Grimm version but the Disney version.  Not a a favorite but I liked it and enjoyed it as a child.  What child doesn’t dream of having a fairy godmother rescue her?  Or to marry prince charming? Hope you enjoy fresh from my mind to you 🙂 (first draft)

Cinderella had had it. She was done. Clutching the knife in her hand she flew out of the kitchen ready for the hunt.
Step sister number 1 was in her closet, feverishly throwing dresses off their hangers. She had to find the perfect dress, nothing less than perfect would do. The first strike ripped open her flesh, torn through the muscle until it stopped at the bone. She shrieked.
“It’s not that bad. Stop your whining and get ready!” Cried a voice from the other room.
Step sister 1 wheeled around as Cinderella pulled the knife out. Before the step sister could talk, Cinderella shoved a pearl necklace into her mouth, causing her to choke and spasm until final she collapsed lifeless on the floor.
She didn’t care about being quiet. She had had enough. She was done. Rage consumed her being.
It was step sister 2 who would fall victim to Cinderella’s wrath next. Brushing her hair, Cinderella stood behind her.
“What do you want? You little bitch?”
Cinderella grinned, grabbing the back of step sister’s number 2’s head and slamming into the mirror, over and over again. Until her step sister didn’t move.  Blood ran down her emotionless face pooling on the golden table.

Cinderella could feel the rush of satisfaction. Why hadn’t she done this years ago?
“Girls, Girls! Hurry up. The coach will be here any minute!” Cried her step mother from down the stairs. “Cinderella! Ciinderella! Where is that horrible girl! Cinderella! Cinderella!” Her step mother screamed.
Cinderella followed her. Paced her. Silently.  Her step mother was out near the pigs.

“Cinderella! There is no time to be feeding the livestock. Come out from your hiding. I know you are out here! You can’t hid here forever!”
Cinderella sprang on top of her step mother. Knocking her off her balance. Falling into the mud face first went her step mother, with Cinderella on her back. Cinderella sat on top her, holding her head in the mud while her arms and legs flailed. Trying to escape. It was useless. Her body finally relaxed, motionless in the mud.
“One more to go.” Step sister number 3, the cruelest of them all was in the kitchen.

“There you are you little tramp. What have you done?” Cinderella smiled and started to laugh. Grabbing a piece of wood from the fire, she threw it at her step sister. Her dress immediately caught fire. She screamed. Spun in circles.

“Please! Please spare me and I will be your slave, forever!”



Cinderella grabbed the pot of boiling water and flung in on her step sister who was now curled up on the floor crying.
1 Year Later
Cinderella married the prince. She a beautiful daughter and always at her side was her horribly disfigured and ugly hand maid, forever loyal and duteous. The hand maid never went far for she was always followed by the mice and birds, making sure she said in line.

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