Two Letters

Write Yourself Alive, Writing Prompt: Write two letters, 1 complain about everything and the 2nd be grateful for everything
Dear world,
Everything sucks. And by everything I mean everything. And by everything I include everyone. Weather sucks, too hot or too cold. Traffic sucks, where the fuck did all these people come from. Road conditions suck, I do pay taxes, why aren’t the roads fixed? Work, sucks. Bunch of mindless idiots. Food sucks. It’s processed crap and I think it’s slowly killing me. My home sucks. Rent keeps going up because prices keep going up. My bed it too hard. My room is never the right temperate, for that matter neither it the water. My clothes make my skin itch and my shoes squeeze my toes. Like I said everything sucks and that includes everyone.

I hate you.
Dear world,
I am oh so very grateful for this beautiful morning in which I am fortunate enough to partake in. I have the ability to see all the magnificent wonders of the day. Ears to listen to the amazing sounds. A nose to smells the fantastic fragrances. The ability to feel diverse textures. And I can taste all the fabulous foods you offer me. I am blessed by all the people that cross my path. Each day is an incredible adventure that I honor to be part of.
Thank you


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