Desk Toys

Write yourself alive writing prompt: go someplace public and write about the first 10 people you see.

Well, it’s late and I am at home with no plans of leaving. It’s been a long day. So, I will write about the 10 toys on my desk.

Who knows how long she’s been dead. For a dead girl she looks really good, even though her right eye is three times as big as her left. Her once vibrant pink dress, which was probably once the same color of the bright pink rose in her hands, is now a faded dull rose color. Her long purple hair is almost silver. Her face frowns, as if even in life it never knew joy. She stares at the ground afraid to look up, afraid to engage, afraid to be seen.

Smiling from ear to ear, she exudes happiness. Her big rainbow belly spreading joy. She stands ready to take action. Ready to jump in and help. She too is purple but her purple dances in the light, reflecting her glee.

He looks solemn, as if he is deep thought, trying to save the universe. His nose is as large as his head. His suit is new even though it looks vintage. For as young as he is, his eyes are old. His eyes have seen and experienced things we have only dreamed. And even though his eyes are old, they hold hope. An undying hope that emanates and extends light years from now.

He is the tallest of the bunch. Standing with his wool tree. His face is warm and inviting. His white beard like snow. He carries a lantern in his right hand. Lighting the way for the others. He is the guide.

His suit fits to his bones. And that is all he is. He grins from ear to ear, as if thinking thoughts you and I would never want to hear.

They are a pair. They travel together. The tiny talking raccoon with a large gun and his walking tree companion. Menacing thieves destined to be heroes.

Glittery and shiny blue. Dancing and gleaming. Sparkly little unicorn.

Giggly and bubbly. Blonde piggy tales. Her blue dress matches her eyes. The embodiment of innocence.

Yes, these are just a few of the characters that keep me company while I sit at my desk. That inspire me and move me.


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