The tank

I wish this was a scary story, but not today, perhaps another.  In my quest for healing and learning and growing, I decided to try out a sensory deprivation tank.  They call it a floatation tank.  The tank it’s self contains 10 inches of salt water.  It is long and roomy.  Spa music is optional.

It is interesting floating naked in body temperature water.  The mind drifts until the body drifts into the wall.  I am told if I go more the body will get use to it and not drift into walls.  I don’t know.

I enjoyed the experience.  Afterwards I felt very relaxed.  My body felt like it was a buzz, as if I had had one to many caffeinated drinks today.  Which is not the case.  Hopefully I have cleared out some energy blocks and raised my vibration.  (another something I am working on).

At first thought I might feel claustrophobic.  I didn’t.  I was comfortable.

I would have like to have reached a more meditative state, but that’s okay.  I will chalk that up to being the first time.

Here’s to going again and seeing what is different.

And as I finish this my mind wanders, what a great sci fi story or horror story.  I think I will have to write one.  Which story to tell falling asleep in a tank and waking up years in the future or on another planet or being trapped in a tank?  I think the tank worked my creative energies are starting to fire.


7 comments on “The tank

  1. Good for you giving it a try … I have often thought about it and talked myself out with the negatives – claustrophobia, fear of letting go. It sounds as though you should certainly do it again and that you will reach that blissful meditative state with time.

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