A letter my ex (any of them will do)

Writing prompt Day 4 Write Yourself Alive: write a letter about my last heart break- say everything I want

I don’t need to say dear. Because it doesn’t much matter now. My heart has healed and I have grown. If I had been asked five years ago to write this letter to you. The tone would have been much different. I would have scolded you. Berated you. Torn you down. Hoping, wishing and praying that just an ounce of you would feel the low that I felt because of you. I allowed you to tear me down. To destroy me. My confidence. My intuition. My self worth. I allowed you to take it from you. Use it against me. I felt crazy around you. As if my world was crumbling and you were the key to reality. A magician of human psyche. You were Houdini. I believe every illusion. I didn’t want to know how you did the tricks. Knowing would have returned my power. Something you locked away. Slowly I awoke from the comma of you. I became aware of reality. I drowned in your lies. Suffocated. It took everything to keep myself from slipping into the abyss. You called it love. No, it was hell. It killed me. Until I couldn’t bob anymore, I couldn’t tread. I could no longer fight the current. I floated. Until I reached the cool shore. Who knows how long I laid there. Exhausted and lost. On that shore I found myself. And began the slow journey to return to me. I thank you. If it was not for your cruelty. Your delusions. I would have never become the person I am today. I would have stayed and drowned. Anchored to the deep dark bottom. I would have never know the sun or the stars. I found myself. My beauty. Free of you, I fly. I am in love with myself and life. I am sorry you will never have this for yourself. You are anchored to your misery.


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