Day 2- Write Yourself Alive- Today

Today’s prompt is to write a day in my life.  It ended up half poem and half story.


old king cole

It’s Friday

Mercury is in retro grade

The day has


And flowed

I struggle to evolve

To grow

And change

As I step into a new role

Shedding my skin

Fear creeps in


Again and again

Sometimes as self doubt

Sometimes as defeating exclamations of impossibilities

I refocus

Remind myself of my dreams

Wait? What are they again?

Too big? Too small?

Insecurity wallows

My soul is screaming

Its shouting

Closing my eyes

Taking a deep breath

Walk with the fear

Embrace it

Listen to it

Baby it

Like two children ready to go outside

One excited and raring to go

The other timid, withdrawn and scared

The excited child takes the hand of the scared child

“Don’t worry. I’ll wait. I’ll listen. We can go at your pace. I know. It’s a big world. It’s vast and full of promise.” Seeing the fear in the scared child’s eyes. “Yes, it is scary too. We might fall. We might get hurt. But we will never know unless we leave the house. Don’t worry. We can always come back inside. Where you feel safe. I promise I will listen to you. Walk with you. Comfort you. If you promise you will try with me. Go with me. Together. We can conquer the world.”

The scared child looks into the eyes of the excited child. How can she say no. How can she resist the passion, the drive, the ambition in the excited child? She wants to say no. Return to her room, hid under the covers. But deep down inside, she knows she needs to move forward. Slowly. Step by step. And yes, when they fall and they will. Together they will get up and keep moving forward.

She reaches out her hand. Grasps the hand of the excited child tightly, never wanting to let go. The excited child smiles, ready to run when she feels the tug and together they walk out the door.

My fear and my ambition together, moving forward. Working through issues. Defining myself and my passions. Ready to jump but still standing at the edge. This was my day.

San Diego, CA


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