Therapy Thursday-Trauma

It’s been a busy week.  I don’t know if you’ve been rushing around here and there feeling like you have a million and one things coming at you and a million and one things more to do.  However, in this hustle and bustle a string of connections appeared.  Each person I meet and talked about some sort of trauma they had experienced or were experiencing.  Not that they labeled it that they didn’t.  Because who wants to use a word like trauma?  It’s scary and carries a heaviness to it, it implies being broken beyond repair.  I totally disagree.  Someone suggested I read Waking the Tiger by Peter Levine, a body approach to trauma.  I am about half way through and going to start the exercises tonight after I blog.  I’ll let you know how it goes.

First, he explains trauma and that anyone and probably everyone has had a traumatic experience.  Crazy huh?  It makes senses.  We all have had life threatening or perceived life threatening experiences.

Second, he takes about what happens in our bodies.  And how we end up storing the trauma in our bodies.

Third, he gives hope that we can heal without reliving the traumatic experience and that some of us won’t even be able to identify the trauma.

I love this.  I have worked with people struggling with trauma.  I have dealt with my own trauma (something that took me years to admit).  You feel broken.  You feel like a you are damaged goods.  You enter this space where you feel a piece of you is always on guard.  Dealing with trauma sucks and it’s hard painful work.

Is his approach the answer?  I don’t know.  However, in my personal experience and clinical experience I have also come to learn no one approach is the answer.  Using various methods tailored to each person and directed at healing mind body and spirit.  That healing our wounds is a process.  It’s a onion.  We peel away layers.  Sometimes we feel like we’ve healed to the root and then a couple layers grow back or new layers sprout up and we deal and heal those layers.  Each time growing as people.

Most importantly, I believe that there is always hope and no one is too broken or too damaged.  That everyone regardless of how they feel about themselves deserves love, especially from themselves.  I believe everyone can and deserves to heal.

If you are struggling or suffer from trauma please reach out and get help, you deserve to heal!


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