Dear Me, 10 years ago

So I signed up for Write Yourself Alive, a 30 day online writing course.  Since I stated that this year with my blog I was going to go to those taboo, those raw places, how better to start then with the first writing prompt which is to write 10 years younger you a letter.  I am planning on posting each prompt.  We will see how it goes.

Dear 10 years younger me,
I am writing you this letter to let you know, you make it out alive, kicking and screaming. It won’t all be pretty but in the end, now, from where I am sitting, it was so worth it. Right now life is scary, you are at a low place. You with a man you can’t stand and you are planning your way out. You hate yourself, who you’ve become. Oh honey. Life gets so much better. Let me catch up, offer some wisdom and hope.
1. Your daughter will push you to the edge and then over. Your heart will break repeatedly. It will seem hopeless. You will be terrified. Know that the two of you have always had a strong bond and adolescence and her struggles will only bring you closer. Remember you are her strength right now. She needs you more than you will ever know. Later she will tell you, you are what kept her alive those nights that she thought would be her last.
2. You will end up with someone who loves and accepts you and your daughter for who you are. Who loves you unconditionally, even on your most outrageous PMSing days. He loves you and you struggle to redefine yourself, never judging. He will be your rock, lean on him.
3. You will grow in ways you never dreamed possible. Right now, you are like a mouse in a corner, afraid of being discovered. Now, you have found your voice and you discovering how best to use it.
4. You will heal wounds that you thought you had healed. You will relapse. It will temporarily numb the pain. You will be scared and angry with yourself. You will recover. You will be stronger and wiser and ready to help others who struggled like you did. You will learn to work with who you are and better identify the emotional triggers that cause you enter disordered eating.
5. You will finally love and accept your body. You will no longer abuse it and ignore it.
6. You will listen to your intuition.
7. Your creative spark will come back. And you will love every minute of it. At times it will be what keeps you sane.
8. You will meet people who see your light, even when you don’t people. People who will help you grow and rediscover yourself.
Have hope my young friend. Life isn’t perfect where I am but each day is magnificently beautiful with gifts and joys.


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