A ranting letter to my co-worker

Dear Co-worker,

You find it necessary to to push boundaries.  Maybe you need to read my earlier blog post.  I doubt you will.  You only read the paper.  A man thing.

You decided to ignore me.  When I did not let you push me around. When you felt the need to demand me to help you.  You didn’t listen to me and pushed me to get your way.  When I tried to explain why at that moment I couldn’t help you.  You got angry.  May I remind you, you got what you wanted.  Just not in YOUR time frame.

Thus, you have chosen to ignore me. I don’t mind that you don’t talk me.  It does not bother me.  It actually makes my life easier.  I don’t have to make small talk with you.  And I don’t have to worry about you hitting on me.  It’s a wonder you still work here.

I guess I have not given you the response you craved.  For today you came to my office, while I was in a meeting.  You demanded the van keys.  Quietly under your breath, so no one could hear you but me and said, “Give me the keys!”  Contempt and disgust ran in your voice.

I send you love, compassion and kindness.  I feel sorry that you feel need to be mean to people to make yourself feel better.  I can only imagine the kind of miserable life you live.  I feel sorry for you.  I wish that you might find happiness.  Because I am happy.  I don’t get satisfaction from being mean and trying to hurt others.

I wish you all the best.


4 comments on “A ranting letter to my co-worker

  1. Oh my, I have a similar rant. Well not the content, but certainly sounding off to a co-worker. When I publish it, I will remember to send you a link so you can laugh with me. You sure nuff kicked your co-worker in the pisser here. Good for you, and wishing you better days.

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