Shame- Therapy Thursday

Last night I watched the following Brene Brown video on shame.  I am always saddened by how many people carry their shame around with them.  Afraid to name it or discuss it.  At one point in my life I allowed my shame to eat me alive (literally, I suffered from bulimia, anorexia and over exercising), it ruled my life.  Instead of dealing with the issues around my shame, I avoided it and sunk deeper.  Shame was only a piece of the complex issues of my mental health, which was an accumulation of several factors.  Thankfully, I did a lot of work on me, it wasn’t over night, or a quick fix.  But with each therapist, each class, each new friend or book.  I grew and got better.

What do you think about Brene Brown’s video and do you carry shame with you?  If you carry shame I hope that you find a way to release it.  Either with a therapist, counselor or trusted friend.  Even blogging.  Life is too short to let shame dictate your actions.

And remember you are not alone!  Help is always a call, email, text away!


5 comments on “Shame- Therapy Thursday

  1. I think we all are guilty of carrying our emotions with us, no matter what they are, not realizing that there are certain keys to release those emotions, once and for all. Forgiveness (in this case, self-forgiveness) comes to mind. Accepting our own humanity and the fact that we all suffer from the same emotions helps, but I think we all have to suffer a certain amount along the way, to truly understand and/or appreciate the true freedom of release when we do find the liberating answers to our own personal questions/dilemmas.

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