Society Trap

As usually another fabulous video found me.  Maybe I should spent less time trolling the internet and more time doing something productive?  Nah.  I love learning and expanding my horizons.

What do you think?  Do you feel trapped by society?  Do you agree that we can live in a society where everyone feels valuable and contributes?  I think it’s possible.  So, what can we do as individual members of society to make sure everyone is able to contribute and feels valuable?  I am not sure. I do know that I can  start with myself.  Do what I love.  Share my gifts with the world.  Encourage others to share their gifts and what they love.  Even if we are trapped in a society machine of working jobs we hate at least outside of work we can share our talents, skills and abilities with others.  Even at work, let yourself shine, share what you are good at.  Then maybe work won’t be so bad.  We can slowly create the world we want.  So how will you let your light shine today?

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