Part 3-The Power of Pets (Therapy Thursdays)


I have always believed in the power of pets.  The past day or two has reminded me and caused me to reflect on just how important our pets are to us.

Our pets are our furry family members.  They are an integral part of our family systems.

Our pets provide us with joy and laughter.

The remind us to live in the moment.  They remind us of what is important.

They remind us cherish the small things.

Sever the happy dog

They never judge us.

The are a container for our emotions.  They listen without judgement, being in the moment with us.  They allow us to cry on them.  Some licking away the tears.

Cat in a back pack

Our pets are our friends and confidants.

Our pets provide us with unconditional love. And we love them unconditionally.

They provide us with companionship.


Ours pets allow us to connect to the human side of us.  Our emotional selfs.  They see us without filters.  They see us for who we are at a soul level.  They allow us to be who we truly are.

window cat


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