Inspiration, thanks Paulo

I have been told that when you are ready the teacher will present it’s self (I say it because teachers do not have to be human, I’ve learned a lesson or two from my pets, nature, the universe).  I stumbled upon Paulo Coelho’s blog, and a video about writing.  There are a few in the series, I haven’t made it through all of them.  I was excited to share!  As a writer, with one book under my belt and beta reader whose taking forever.  I have been soul searching for my next book, I know it’s in there.  I long to go back to the character I created in Rejected Revenge (the one waiting on the beta reader, who happens to be a family member a published writer), book one.  I just don’t know the story.  This helped, opened my eyes.  His vlog on writing II- the puzzle.  (You can click the link or watch below- I included the link to make it easier to surf his other videos) This inspired me.  I am going to devour and digest the rest of his videos on writing and maybe a couple others throughout the day.

I think I need to crack open the Alchemist again.  I think there’s a message there.  I watched is vlog on signs too.  Highly recommend.

Where does your inspiration come from?  And if you watched the signs vlog- do you believe in signs?

Wishing you a inspiration filled day!


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