Plan B

Tardis journal

I have blogged a couple times about my plan B.  Since it’s the beginning of the New Year, it’s time to start sending the energies to bring it to fruition.  So, here it is, my plan B!

1. Publish two books.  I have written a horror novel, Rejected Revenge, it’s being beta read now.  Can’t wait to finish editing and find a publisher.  I am also going to gather up my poems and put them into a book.

2. Write another book.  I am working on a couple ideas but it time to buckle down on one and get it written.

3. Have a successful and thriving therapy practice.  I’d be happy with 15 clients a week.

4. Finally quit my day job.

5. Read.  I have a long list.  Aiming for a book a month.

6. Make stuff.  I am always pinning cool projects on pinterest, time to make some of them.

7. Take classes.  I love art.  I am aiming to start with poetry and then expand.

8. Have fun and be in the moment, with friends, family and everyone who enters my life!

Why the tardis?  It seems to be a metaphor for 2015.  It’s a journal and it’s the tardis.  It’s about expanding, growing, reaching beyond myself to grow and help others grow and heal.  Plus my favorite quote is from Doctor 11, “I am and always will be the optimist, the hoper of far flung hopes and the dreamer of impossible dreams.”  Think this a great quote to guide the year.

What’s your plan for 2015?


12 comments on “Plan B

  1. That’s a pretty amazing Plan B. It makes me wonder what the hell Plan A was!!!

    It’s a great quote to inspire you. Whenever I see the word ‘impossible’ it reminds me of something I heard once during a motivational speech … change impossible to I’m possible.
    Mission Impossible will forever now be Mission I’m Possible. 🙂

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