New Year and resolutions! Therapy Thursday

Happy New Years!

It’s that time of year, we make promises to ourselves.  Some of us make promises on how we plan to improve our lives, others make a list of goals.  How many of us actually achieve our New Year’s Resolutions?

I don’t think keeping resolutions necessarily matter.  I think that we make resolutions because we want to achieve or fix areas of our lives.  Resolutions force us to re-evaluate our lives, our directions and purpose.  Resolutions start the ball rolling of personal growth and development.

So, you are serious about achieving your goals this year.  Set yourself up to succeed.  Here’s what you can do.  Break your resolutions down into do-able pieces. Break your resolution down into steps.  For example weight lose, 1. talk to doctor, 2. find dietitian, 3. join gym, 4. go to gym once a week build up to five times a week, 5. take a class- yoga, dance, spin, 6. seek support from friends and family, 6. find therapist and make an appointment.

Perhaps you want to change careers.  Break it down.  Find your passion.  Invest in yourself.  Take a class or two.  Read a couple books.  And again, see a therapist, they are there to help you get through your stuck points.


4 comments on “New Year and resolutions! Therapy Thursday

  1. My resolutions are usually broken before the end of day 1 of January. lol Like many, I make them for making’s sake. 🙂 For the fun and laughter I share with others.
    Your advice is good. I think most any goal can be achieved if broken into small steps.

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