What’s my name?

I blog under a pseudonym. At first I felt like I was being a fraud a fake, unreal. Until I looked at the why. The why is because in my daily life, I am a therapist. As a therapist, we are trained to be discrete with disclosure. My role is to help you, the client heal. Not share my life. Your time with me is about your life. It’s precious and something I honor and view as sacred. I am honored, blessed and thankful that each client feels safe, secure and held enough to share their deepest and darkest secrets, knowing that there is no judgment only compassion and empathy.
In therapy, if I share a piece of me, it’s because it will benefit you and your healing.
As a writer, a blogger I want to go places. I want to go deep and raw. I want to rip apart my human experiences to learn and grow. I want to explore what it means to be human and experience life. Sometimes as a rant, sometimes as story, book or poem. Not always therapeutic for my clients but usually therapeutic for me. So, I created a pseudonym so I could go all those places. Be real, be raw, be me, uncensored.

The hope is that I continue to grow, learn and heal myself. To connect to others and maybe help them on their journeys too!
In the end, the name does not matter. It is but another label in a long list of labels placed on me and my life. In the end know, that this is me, raw, real and uncut.


2 comments on “What’s my name?

  1. It’s so good to see a post from an actual therapist. : 3 I am currently studying to become one myself. Whether I will be fit for the road ahead or not is a different story, but I just felt that I should express my joy and just how cool I find it that you’re a bonafide therapist. it is an awesome profession and helping out clients in need is one of the most rewarding forms of work that I can think of. 🙂 Rock on!


    • Thank you and good luck! I agree helping people rocks and just sharing in their life is a beautiful experience, I am grateful for all those who come and share with me. Welcome to the field, just by your words, we are lucky to have you 🙂

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