Typo monster

Typo moster

Yes, I am a writer.  That being said, I suck at proofreading. It’s like this little monster that lives in my key board.  As the words pour from my imagination through my hands to my fingers, doesn’t matter if I’m typing or writing, my body can not keep up.  I am filled with excitement and exhilaration.  I can’t wait to get it all out and share it with you!  Once the words have exited and taken up residence on the page.  I read and correct.  Re read out loud and correct.  I read out loud to the room,  the dog, the cat,  the ghost in the corner, who ever will listen.  They aren’t much help because I still find errors and mistakes.  I walk away, returning to check again.  And still once I send, publish, or give it to the some one else, the world.  Those typos and errors creep in.  Something has gone un noticed.  I’m telling you it’s the monster who lives in my keyboard. Hiding and waiting to sabotage my work.  That darn fuzzy little monster.  I thank you, my readers for forgiving my mistakes,  pointing them out(it helps and I truly appreciate it).

Do you have a fuzzy little monster who sabotages you?

7 comments on “Typo monster

  1. I always read my poems out loud after writing them. They usually sit waiting to post. But when I read them again on line ….. the rhythm sounds all off.
    What makes sense once doesn’t always make sense twice. 😦

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  2. I’m absolutely obsessive about proofreading … repeatedly … and I still publish posts with errors. *sigh*
    It never occurred to me that there was a fuzzy gremlin in my keyboard responsible for these mistakes (which are so BLATANT after the publish button is hit). STrangely that makes me feel better 🙂

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