Are we ever going to slow down? Therapy Thursday

Maybe I’m just getting old.  As I kid, I LOVED the holidays.  The feeling of community and connection in the air.  Everyone seemed happier and friendlier.  Now, it seems everyone is in a hurry to get somewhere.  Everyone seems agitated and grumpy.  Just in the commute to work, people speeding by, cutting others off.  Road rage.  Why are we in such a hurry?  If anything our rush rush attitude is making us sick.  We eat fast food, to busy to cook.  We hurry important moments to get to the next place.  Why?  We all know where we are heading in the end.  It’s not like we are rushing to get there first.  Are we?  Okay, I can see being in hurry to cram all the million things we want to accomplish in this lifetime in, or check off some bucket list items. I get that.  But in the process are we enjoying these moments?  People are miserable.  I think it’s at an all time high.  People exude unhappiness.  Obviously the rush rush attitude is getting us closer to the grave, as we cram our schedules full of must do’s.  What happen to doing what you love, trusting that everything will work out?  With that said, I have decided that 2015, is the year of the Plan B.  That means, I am going to slow down.  Enjoy what brings me pleasure in life; friends, family, art, nature.  I am going to pursue what I know I am good at and enjoy doing, writing and providing therapy.  I am going to stop pushing myself to live the life that I think I am suppose to live and live the life I want to.  Whose with me?

The pictures I choose hopefully will remind you to:

1. Stop and enjoy the moments in life, because in the end life is just a series of moments, make them special.

2. Follow your happiness, embrace it and let it shine.

3. Let your inner light shine, be proud of who you are, you are amazing!

4. Bloom where you are planted.  You’ve got this!


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