My Soundtrack Part One

Today’s daily prompt: Cue the Violins

My life is ever changing.  Ever flowing.  My soundtrack reflects the dynamic ebb and flow of life and my taste in music.  That’s why it’s part one, who knows, in week, month, year what songs belong on the soundtrack of me and my life.

I have started with 3 all time favorite songs that I can relate to, speak of my life and me.  Enjoy!

1. Hurt- Johnny Cash version

2. Fire starter- Prodigy

3. Sloppy Seconds- Watsky

6 comments on “My Soundtrack Part One

  1. Now, see, I would’ve went with “Ring of Fire” for Johnny Cash…but I guess that’s the Traditionalist choice?

    Seems we’re going a bit more out-there. Let’s try Jonathan Coulton, Code Monkey

    (No idea if links work in comments, heh)

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