Therapy Thursday- It’s okay to stray

Little moment sunrise

I don’t know if you are like me, I am constantly chasing something. Always working on something.
Being busy helps the hyper activity. I was diagnosed as a child and my mom decided to cut sugar out of my diet and when I was jumping off the walls and driving her crazy, she would have me run around the house until I couldn’t.
I am always trying to fit everything into the day. Go, go, go is my motto.
I use to be very rigid about my schedule. I had a to do list, that I had to accomplish.
This year I have allowed myself to ebb and flow with life. It has made a world of difference. Instead of sticking to my plans, if something comes up I go with it. I allow myself to stray from the path. To be in the moment to enjoy the moment. Instead of being at dinner with my family, thinking about the million and one things I have to get done when I get home. I am AT dinner with my family. I am there 100%.
Today, this is your reminder to stay from the path. A reminder to enjoy the little moments. After all isn’t life just a series of little moments?


7 comments on “Therapy Thursday- It’s okay to stray

  1. Ah my 12 year old niece is like that: she schedules her day- if she did not get around to do one thing on her list, she gets upset with herself. I hope one day she will learn to relax her grip like you did.


  2. Good reminder and not just to the hyper active or discursive … go with it an Irish friend said years ago to me. The most contented of men he has it right – go with what arises and stop worrying (I have yet to master it!).

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