Therapy Thursday- Connection


We are desperate to connect.  Yet the walls we build around our hearts are thicker and higher than ever.   We trap ourselves in relationships and jobs that do not satisfy us and drain us.  We are afraid to show the world our true essence.  Being vulnerable and exposed is scary.  Yes, we reach out via blogs, twitter, facebook, friends and family.  Even then we hid pieces of ourselves.  Many of us share the most of ourselves in our blogs than in person.  On line shelters us with distance and gives us false security.  We are safe from rejection, reading the expressions of others and sensing their emotions.  Usually.  Just as we are vulnerable with in person contact we are over the internet.  Sometimes more so, feeling a false sense of righteous guarded by anonymity.  We hid from over stimulus of society.  Unable to connect because it is overwhelming.  Too much coming at us everyday.  We need time to disconnect to reconnect.

How do we deal?  Connect?

1.  Limit time on social media and watching television. It is so easy to fall into mindless surfing and watching.  Becoming numb and immune to what is around us.  Safe and secure with just yourself and a screen.

2.  If you feel safest via the internet.  Reach out and connect.  Start a conversation with someone else over their blog, twitter, facebook, email.  Start a relationship.

3.  Talk time to connect with friends and family.  Be in the moment, not checking messages or checking via the internet.  Be present.  Interact.  Sing, dance, play, however your soul expresses happiness.  Have fun!

4.  Get out into nature.  Explore your community.  Go to the park.  Just get outside.

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