#BuyTheBunny: 50 Cruelty-Free Companies

As an animal lover I am always trying to find cruelty free products and now’s here’s a list right on my blog ๐Ÿ™‚

The Friendly Fig

Thousands and thousands of brands test their products on innocent animals. Yes, this is a reality, and we are all aware. But have you ever really stopped and thought about it? I doโ€ฆ all the time. If you think about it enough, it will make you sick. If youโ€™ve looked at the pictures, you have already experienced this, Iโ€™m sure.

The worst part? Animal testing does not help humans! How could we test on a being that is not ours to test on, for no reason at all? There are other ways to test, so it is time to take a stand against animal testing, and cruelty as a whole.

Shopping cruelty-free does not have to be expensive, either. Just like all cosmetics and products, there are inexpensive and high-end brands. The key is doing the thorough research to find a product that is within your budget. There areโ€ฆ

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