Therapy Thursday: Our true selves?

Sever the happy dog

We are a broken society. I don’t know if we were ever whole. I also don’t have the answers. I do have suggestions and ideas. I find more and more people seeking therapy for a safe place to be themselves. To share their stories, fears and dreams. Afraid of judgment and ridicule from the outside world, especially from the people who they are closest too.
We are afraid to be vulnerable. (Great book about vulnerability is Brene Brown’s Daring Greatly) Exposing ourselves to others is scary, if not downright terrifying. The masks we wear are becoming too tight to remove. We, as individuals are becoming lost in who we think we are supposed to be. We are losing our true selves. We are expected to follow rules and norms, not only with friends, families and at work but also on line. No wonder so many people are cracking and acting out violently.
We are desperate to connect. To be heard and understood.
What a predicament we have created for ourselves. We are petrified to be judged, exposed for who we truly are and to be vulnerable and yet we are dying to connect, to belong.
Okay, so what can we do? We can love our neighbors. Smile at people. Talk to our friends. Share our stories, our dreams and fears with people we feel safe with. Become nonjudgmental. Play. Volunteer. Laugh. Love.
Why the picture of my dog? Because, she is happy. She is in the moment. Loving life! We can learn a lot from our four legged friends. But that’s another blog.
So, what makes you happy? When are truly being you?


7 comments on “Therapy Thursday: Our true selves?

  1. Agreed. Society in the U.S. has become so politically correct that we cannot say anything without someone being offended (and do not mean truly offensive remarks). If I am ‘pro’ something it by no means I am ‘anti’ something else. As we continue to bottle things up inside I fear the violence may increase. Excellent post CarterVail. Thank you.

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  2. You know, in my blog I’m always asking people what makes them happy and giving them ideas on how to be happy, and I often forget to ask myself. Thank you for reminding me to ask myself!

    And what makes me happy?
    Sitting in a coffee shop reading and writing.
    The simple things really do make me happy and I’m learning how to be happy being me. It’s not easy having to undo the social conditioning, but I’m on my way! 🙂

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