Music Monday Lana Del Ray

Sleeping Beauty was my favorite as a child.  I always felt sorry for Maleficent.  If they had only invited her to the party, they would have saved themselves from heartache.  I guess as I child I identified with Aurora (sleeping beauty) and Maleficent.  The good and bad in all of us.

I loved this song as a child.  Aurora dancing in the forest.  I love Lana Del Ray’s version.  Her voice is haunting and memorizing.


Who was your favorite villain as a child?

One comment on “Music Monday Lana Del Ray

  1. Sleeping Beauty was my absolute favourite as a child, too. It’s very balanced. The love at first sight part is so lofty and romantic – and yet something about Maleficent is so dark, insidious, terrifying. I loved (the film) Maleficent. Lana del Rey’s voice in this version is appropriately haunting and nostalgic, like she’s singing from Maleficent’s perspective herself.

    Maleficent is definitely my favourite villain!

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