Therapy Thursday- Negativity

Candle Light

I was ready to jump in a tackle the big issues about mental health stigma, diagnoses and common mental health issues most of us deal with on a daily basis. However, as I sat down to write this, I realized that my week had been plagued by a much subtler mental health dilemma- NEGATIVITY. Most people don’t think of negativity as a mental health issue, but it is. A negative attitude affects your life, and your well being, as well as, the people around you.

I don’t know about you but negativity seems to be running rampant like a zombie outbreak. Everywhere I go I come across people with an unhappy expression on their faces. They are constantly in a hurry. Constantly struggling with one issue or another. These people also tend to complain, a lot. If they aren’t complaining, they are gossiping. Furthermore, many of them oblivious to their surrounds, as they emit their toxic pollution into the world.

Negative people tend to affect other people. Have you ever noticed that you were in a great mood, happy, energetic when you met friend for coffee, who was having a bad day. After an hour or so of conversation you leave feeling drained, unhappy and now grouchy.

We are naturally empathic creatures. We do much of our communication through non verbals. So, while you are sitting there with your friend, you are picking up on her or his energy, their subtle cues of negativity.

Great news! There are a few simple steps to help you ward off negativity.
1. Set the intention when in public not to be affected by others’ negativity. As well as, set a daily intention to be positive and not let the negativity get to you.
2. Don’t fall pray negativity traps. Complaining, griping and gossiping.
3. Look for the beauty. Find the beauty. Relish and cherish the beauty.
4. Check yourself. Make sure the negativity isn’t you. It happens. We all have bad days. If it’s you. It’s okay. Give yourself some much needed TLC.
5. Look for the positive. Those people who let their light shine and are a pleasure to be around. Find them and be with them. I love these people and no matter how much negativity comes to me, I can always find someone positive to be around. If you can’t find the positive people, be a positive person. I realize in some situations this is nearly impossible, that’s when you revert back to steps 1-3.
6. Share your light. Share your positivity and happiness.

If you still are struggling to shake off negativity or feel that there is a deeper issue. Seek out counsel with a therapist or counselor who can help you work through what is going on, get to the root and get you back to living the life you deserve. Because everyone deserves to be happy!
Please feel free to add what works for you when it comes to dealing with negativity. Thank you and have a beautiful day!


6 comments on “Therapy Thursday- Negativity

    • Thank you! I totally agree. Sometimes people just wallow in their negativity. I tend to just leave them alone when that happens. Good luck!


  1. I agree and its so easy to fall once you’re with a friend and you want to show a little commiseration. What I do is try to shift issues closer and emphasize the positive. Try to laugh inject a little funny situations. Then try not to spend more time with them, make myself a little busy and finish a project. Then once I am rejuvenated come back and see them.

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