Therapy Thursday- Pep Talk!

Grand Canyon, Az

I hate insecurity. I really do. That little voice that stops us from pursuing our dreams. That voice that keeps us stuck. The voice of the ego. Reminding us of everything we are not. And most of us listen. Give it credit. It is our voice after all. It knows, right? Does it really? What would happen if you ignored that voice? Stopped listening? Stepped out of the darkness into the light? Stepping into who you were meant to be is scary. No, terrifying. You feel on display. Judging yourself before others can judge you. Beating them to the punch. Why? Are you not beautiful? Do you not deserve to shine? You have a gift. You are special and the world is waiting for you. Stop listening to that voice. Listen to your heart. Your soul. Listen. And follow. We are waiting for you! And yes, you can do this. You are magnificent!

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