Raising Awareness: We’ve Come A Long Way!

Just had share! I have owned pit bulls and bully breeds and I have to say they have been some the best dogs I have ever owned. They are truly beautiful!

Every October, groups around the country host a variety of “Pit Bull Awareness” events. These are positive, educational events. However, we know that language shapes how we perceive the world and, as animal welfare evolves, it’s important that we occasionally stop and take a critical look at how we frame “pit bull” dogs with our words.

So now seems like the right time to ask: How do we influence public perceptions of “pit bull” dogs when we ask people to be “aware” of them? Does this inspire them to adopt or think differently or does it continue to frame “pit bull” dogs as different than other dogs or a problem (“we have too many of them!”) that needs to be fixed?

Since Pit Bull Awareness Day began nearly a decade ago, there has been tremendous progress for “pit bull” dogs and the issues that affect their families. The simple…

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