Poker Game Baby

To check out more Reverse Shot, your first memory told from the other person’s perspective, click on the Daily Prompt.

Before I jump right in, I love reading the other Reverse Shot stories, especially the ones about being a baby.  Yes, my first memory is as a baby, but read on.

I don’t know why I play poker.  I don’t have a good poker face.  Everyone seems to see right through me. I suppose I play for the company, conversations, drinks and friends.  I have been distracted this game.  Probably because of the small child crawling underneath the table.  What is she doing under there.  It makes me nervous and I am already nervous.  I need a break.  Another beer.  I didn’t even clear the table when I tripped over my untied shoe laces.  Guess I figured out what she was doing.  Foiled by a baby.

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