Rejected Revenge and Therapy Thursday?


I have been working on my first novel, Rejected Revenge.  What does that have to do with therapy Thursday?  A lot actually.  You see, I got the idea for Rejected Revenge working with developmentally disabled adults.  Talk about stigmas.  People constantly judging them, misunderstanding them, treating them as if they are diseased.  Whereas, I have never met a more loving, genuine group of people than the developmentally disabled adults I have had the privilege to work with.  Yes, there are few unhappy or grouchy ones but when I walk in their shoes, I would be too.  That is what sparked Rejected Revenge.  After hearing horror story after horror story and seeing first hand the judgement, shunning and over all poor treatment developmentally disabled people face.  I thought, what if they got sick and tired of how people, society, and the world treated them.  What if one day they just said enough is enough and sought their revenge for years of abuse and mistreatment.


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