Dear Beta Reader

Dear Beta reader,

I must admit when I first read your email this morning I was offended.  I think you knew I would be.  You wrote, “I don’t want to offend you.”  I realize now you agreed to be my beta reader because you really needed or wanted, I don’t care which it is, to have someone beta read your book.  When we started emailing.  I shared with you a link to my blog and also let you know what kind of writer I am.  That my style isn’t for everyone one.  I tend to write poetry and my writing can be visceral and graphic.  If you had checked out my blog, you would have know this.  No, instead to you agreed to beta read for me and I for you.  Then you emailed me asking me all kinds of personal questions about who I am.  While, yes I agree, who i am influences my writing.  In the end does matter?  You see, I read to experience the story the writer is telling.   Thus, I was caught off guard by your assumptions that you made about me.  And the judgements you placed on me.  The conclusions about me you made were so far from the truth, it make me wonder about you.  Haven’t you ever read a author bio and been completely shocked to learn about them?   The more I read your email the more your intentions showed through.  I was able to read between lines.  I am thinking you are a very literal person.  Not much on expressing your feelings.  Am I right?  I could be wrong, like you were.  I love how you ended the email.  You made your intentions clear.  Your were serving yourself and your interests when you agreed to beta read for me.  You had no intentions of donating your “precious time.”  Isn’t all our time precious?  You pointed out that you are a soon to be published writer, whose time is very valuable.  I guess to you, mine is not.  The difference between me and you.  Is you write because you love literature and fancy yourself as a writer.  I write because I love to write, to express myself and explore the complexities of being human.  You write to tell a story.  I write so you can experience the story.



P.S. I wish you the best of luck.  I really do.


3 comments on “Dear Beta Reader

    • Thank you! I needed to vent and rant and was also wondering if others had experienced the same thing. I think that is what got me the most that the time I was putting in wasn’t as valuable as his. Thank you for reading! Have you had an experiences with beta readers?


      • I have not, as yet, had a need for beta readers. I do have a few people who have volunteered should the need arise. They are friends, but the type of friends who will be honest to a fault without being snarky. I hope your next experience is better!

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