Work Haiku

I can feel the change

life slowly draining away

sitting here at work

sitting here at work

counting the hours, no the minutes

til I’m free again


16 comments on “Work Haiku

    • I am free πŸ™‚ too bad it wasn’t paid leave, that would the best! Love the imagery of “all I have is words flowing through my fingers, day, night and seconds in between.” So poetic! When do you go back to work or do you want to go back?


  1. I’m on leave this week, because I’m getting my book ready for submission this weekend! I’ve turned into a crazy lady! I had to do some “work from home” this morning, it was rough, software development, left side brain, my right-side brain has totally awakened, and taking control! Back next week, not sure how we are going to manage! My book is done, I’m doing final touches. Collection of 55 poems each with their own image and introductory “gem” poem, which was a result of 4 hour session on Tuesday morning. I think I was in a trance I don’t even recall writing them! But I must have! Because they are written! And yourself? What work is keeping you busy>

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    • Congratulations on your book, that’s awesome! That is so exciting!I struggle switching from left to right too. I love being creative! Love days that I don’t work and can be creative. I am a day program manager for adults with disabilities. Love the people and helping them. Hate the bureauvracy. Please keep me posted on the progress of your book. Will you blog about it?


      • I have been blogging about it, because I’ve been so excited! I have started submitting the rest is going in today, a collection of 56 poems each with a little ‘gem’ poem introducing them (4 hour session to do, I was in a trance!) I don’t even remember those little gem poems but when I reread them I am in awe! Some of the material has been on my blog (my playground), but has all been removed and they each have their own image. Transporting humanity through emotion, poetry to the people! If it never sells that’s okay I will gift to my friends and family!

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      • You are so poetic! I love your poetry. You are so inspiring! I am so excited for you and can’t wait to read your book! I totally agree with transporting humanity through emotions. I strive to do that. I think it’s easier with poetry, my fiction writing tends to struggle more. Yes, my blog has become my playground too πŸ™‚


  2. Just rereading your post! Helping people with disabilities! If you would like I can gift you a hardcover book and allow anyone to read, the book is meant to inspire, resonate, comfort, humor etc! And I don’t think I will be selling many I am that proud of it I will be giving them away. It had been gifted to me, A gift I am going to share!

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  3. I never saw your compliment above about enjoying my writing! Thank you so much I only wrote my first poem last year (never knew I could write poetry), but I have realized it is a gift, I wrote two introductions on Friday, and because they were written from me (not gifted to me), they were readable but powerless, I knew they were not right. And the same went for the gem poems, I wrote a few introductions on Sunday, but also knowing this is coming from myself and I don’t care about this and nobody else will either! And then Monday morning the intro popped into my head, I wrote it without review and sent it the publisher, same thing happened with the gem poems Tuesday morning (I was in such a trance that my previous introduction were irritating me, nobody cares about ‘you’ get over yourself, people care about how they feel, if you are not touching their heart there is no power). I sent through to publisher without reviewing them – here’s your fifty poem introductions and titles I haven’t reviewed them, and she loves! And when I re-read them I Love – where did these come from! People in my world sick of hearing about poetry I’m obsessed, so sorry for this long text, you showed a slight interest! Lesser interest gets same or worse treatment! Poetry to the people!!!

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    • Oh no. I totally get it! And love your process and your success! It is inspiration and awesome! Your writing and poetry is a gift you have to share with the world and love that you don’t care what others think! Like I said before, you rock!

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      • I’m averaging 3 hours if sleep a night! The daily post at 11pm is really messing up my schedule, my normal bedtime has always been between 9 and 10, now I have to stay awake till 11 and still write! Will email you later, have to run around morning routine first! πŸ˜€


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