Oh today’s daily prompt: Counting Voices. 

murder of crows

I often break the quiet solitude with my own voice.  Processing my thoughts and writings out loud.  Talking to dog or cat.  With that being said, I love a good, no wait an engaging conversation.  I find these best with two people.  The kind of conversation that could last forever, as you move back and forth, listening to each other and sharing thoughts, ideas and feelings.  And at times disagreements.  I have also had wonderful interactions in groups, working together towards a common goal.  Large groups, 6 or more, are not my thing, people talking over each other, people fighting to be heard.  Who can talk the loudest.  This bothers me.  The fakeness of people, pretending to listen, to care.  Waiting their turn to be heard.

I’ll take an intimate personal conversation, one on one, connecting and sharing any day, any time, any place.  Or my own voice, as I process and create.


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